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Team Spirit

It is enough to move a couple of stones if you want an old structure to dismantle. Remember the childhood. Anyone can do it. And if you are lucky to find people willing to share their passion, enthusiasm and belief for a better world, things begin to change.

For so many years, football in Romania has been a private business. Money moving around for the benefit of certain people, with disrespect to players, supporters, communities and nation. Things are changing. It is absolutely beautiful to witness public authorities and individuals gathering their forces into the synergy of a team spirit. To change for the better.

The main stadium of Dinamo Football Club Bucharest has been object to legal disputes for the past couple of years. Although owned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it could not enter the program of the National Investment Company to be renovated for the EURO 2020 due to some petty private interests of the old regime.

Mircea Lucescu, the former Romanian football player and most honored manager of all times has declared yesterday that the construction of the new stadium shall soon begin and the private person claiming rights on the stadium " agreed to start the construction". Personally, I would rather prefer the expression " agrees to give up his rights" since he abused a public asset that was supposed to be enjoyed by the community.

It is a matter of time until the old structure of the Football Club Dinamo, separate entity, will dismantle and reinvent itself. Beyond the serious issues the club is been facing lately, supporters continue the share acquisition. Are the new leaders prepared to take over?

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