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Can Sports Become a Profitable Business in Romania?

Years ago, Lady Diana was asked how she would change the British monarchy. Her answer was sharp, yet full of meaning: "But I already did. Through the education I gave my children".

Education is the process that leads to a fundamental change in a person’s way of thinking and capacity to do things. Changing people’s mentality is the path towards authentic growth, both for individuals and for the organizations they belong to. Knowledge is power.

The sports industry in Romania is built on the old-fashioned bricks of the bureaucratic structures. Athletes are expected to give maximum results under weighty sporting conditions and ongoing salary challenges. Outdated leaders keep clubs at the limit of survival, pointing, chaotically, into the wrong direction instead of striving for professionalization and innovation.

I believe change should happen from the inside. More people within the sports organizations and those professionals acting on their behalf should be exposed to certified learning sources and get inspired by successful global business models. Regardless, professional athletes, club managers, sport agents, or lawyers, one’s personal growth is translated into the organizational profitability.

Sports is business. It is not enough to have a sporting background to cover a management position. The key of success is to invest in education. Romania has a tremendous human potential that should only be shaped up in the right way. Change is not going to happen overnight. And the old structures are not going to easily dismantle. Yet, the new generation of professionals will merge just like a blood transfusion, the old being slowly replaced by the new.

We need inspirational leaders. We need professionals trained at the top of the sports industry. We need to look towards the future.

It is time to open the doors for some fresh air.

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