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Emotional Intelligence. Redefining Professional Relationships

Actualizată în: 11 mai 2020

For so long we have taken things for granted. Within the limits of the professional responsibilities, clients, contracts and numbers were the ones counting for a successful story. Fast drivers through life, we didn't have enough time to see and appreciate the simple things. Instead, the competition for having more has transformed our society in the arena of consumerism. The crises has changed everything. The way of doing business; the predictability of our future; our priorities in life. And beyond everything it has changed us. We have realized that money cannot buy health for our families and friends. We have understood, as well, that the most important thing in times of solitude was the phone call of a warm voice. People from all over the world have got together via video conferences and have seen and listened to each other. Experiencing this tremendous change, how would it impact our professional relationships in the future? I believe from now on, empathy and compassion should be the key elements of a healthy relationship with our clients. We shouldn't expect a law, a contract or institutional guidelines to tell us how to use our emotional intelligence. It simply exists within ourselves. And when we will be able to be there for our clients, regardless their personal or professional issues, than we can say that we fully committed ourselves to the highest professional standards.

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