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Between Justice and Morality

We are experiencing a period of strong social and economic upheaval amid an unprecedented crisis since World War II. A period in which we, the lawyers, have an enormous responsibility towards the clients and towards the society.  And that is because through our actions we could urge peace and understanding, or we can generate conflicts. I think that a contract or a legal situation can no longer be interpreted from the perspective of the law only. It takes a lot of emotional intelligence. We need to analyze a situation from several perspectives. We need to understand the wishes of our client, indeed, but also of the party that manifests other interests. And I am not going to call them opposite interests here, because most of the time they are not like that. It is necessary to analyze the  impact a certain action or conduct would have on a social group. I can't help but go back in time and do an exercise of imagination to understand how the law was created during the Roman Empire. When precedents and individual interests had to be harmonized with the moral norms of the society. And this is exactly the situation we are in today. The law alone is no longer enough to find a fair solution. It takes more. Who knows, practicing tolerance, compassion and fair play, maybe one day, they will turn into a modus operandi, closely related to our person.

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